Gills’s Story – Headaches

“I had suffered from headaches and neck tension for years, but since returning to work full time they had become much worse. I went to see an osteopath who reassured me that I had a mechanical problem in my neck. She explained that poor posture, long periods of sitting coupled with the stresses of modern life can result in muscular tension and headaches.”

After low back pain, headaches are the greatest cause of disability.

Headaches can be grouped as such:

  • INTRA CRANIAL – within the skull. Which are acute, serious and often life threatening
  • EXTRA CRANIAL – outside the skull. Which can be acute, chronic, mild and severe but rarely life threatening

Some of these extra cranial headaches can come from the neck and are known as cervicogenic headaches. They are often associated with poor posture, stressful lifestyles, muscular tension and osteoarthritis.

How FROC can help:

An accurate diagnosis is essential. Treatment if appropriate may consist of deep soft tissue stretching to the muscles of the upper back and neck. This can increase blood flow and help to reduce muscle tension. Underlying mechanical factors such as poor posture, stress and exercise will be addressed to reduce any predisposition and to allow the patient to self manage in the future.