Your First Consultation: £50.00

Detailed Case History

We need to know as much about you as possible. We will ask questions about your current problem, any past conditions, general health, hobbies, sports and occupation.

Physical Examination

Here we will look at your posture as you stand, sit and move. As osteopaths we use our hands and refined sense of touch to assess the quality of your skin, the tension of your muscles and the movement and function of your joints. Simple neurological and cardiovascular screening may be necessary.

Diagnosis and Treatment

By now we will usually have enough information to formulate a diagnosis and if appropriate commence with treatment. During your treatment we will be able to discuss the cause of your problems and the long term management. Advice will be given and any questions answered.

Further Consultations: £43.00

Initially we will want to know how you responded to the previous session. There will be a brief re-evaluation of your symptoms and diagnosis. These sessions will be much more treatment based and there will be time to answer questions and concentrate on the management of your condition.

Some people respond well to one treatment, but we find most people benefit from 3-6 sessions. Chronic conditions sometimes require on-going maintenance, this can be once a month or twice a year.