Sports Injury Clinic

Sports injuries are diverse in terms of mechanism of injury, how they present in individuals and how the injury should be managed.

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Children’s Clinic

Parents are often surprised that older children may need to see an osteopath.

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Ergonomic Advice

31 million days of work were lost in the UK last year to back, neck and muscle problems. According to the Office for National Statistics.

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Pain Relief

Pain is a warning signal that something is wrong. It is one of the body’s natural defence mechanisms to alert you to a problem.

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Why Choose Us?

  • EXPERIENCE: Sasha and Graham have both been qualified for over 21 years.
  • KNOWLEDGE: Liz has an MSc in osteopathic sports medicine. Rachael has an MSc in paediatric osteopathy.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Between us we achieve over 120 hours of continuing professional development every year.
  • RESULTS: You are the reason we are here. Our reputation is our strength.
  • PROFESSIONALISM : We are all registered with the General Osteopathic Council and have current professional indemnity insurance.
  • HISTORY: The clinic has been in Forest Row since 1997.

What Our Clients Say

“Having first discovered the Forest Row Osteopathic Clinic about two years ago, they have gone on to help me repair and manage a series of injuries.
There have been a variety of sporting and non-sporting injuries, but what ever the issue, a Graham has helped me recover from them.
They are thorough, compassionate and supportive with a good analytical approach.
Highly recommended.”
Rhodri Lewis,
“Gill has always been very professional and at the same time has listened to everything we say. She is very caring and considerate to all our needs… Gill has been a rock for us.”
“After a very thorough initial consultation, a remedy was suggested and the results were amazing. My daughter’s general health and demeanour has greatly improved due to her homeopathic remedies. My husband and I are very grateful to have found Gill, who has been professional, efficient and patient with us over the past months and I cannot put a price on the improvement to my young daughter’s quality of life.”
“My children have benefited from seeing Sasha after birth and had further treatments for minor injuries. I am confident to recommend children to their experienced care. Since the beginning of my practise in 2003 I have been recommending FROC to my clients in the safe knowledge that they will be in professional and friendly care. Osteopathy has played a large part in the rehabilitation process for most of my clients. The osteopaths at the Forest Row Osteopathic Clinic have always been reliable, professional and very approachable.”
Caroline Mayne,